Research Farm test plots 2012

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We are well underway in our 2012 research plots. Mike and the boys are putting in long hours on the more than 825 acres we are using, split between the Lexington, Nebraska and Arapahoe, Nebraska Research Farms.

Mike will have many more details as the season goes on, but in general we are testing:

  1. 4th year of no-till vs strip-till comparison in the same fields
  2. Nitrogen studies with inhibitors
  3. Effects of late fertilization with 4 companies, 6 hybrids each
  4. Deep-rooting vs shallow-rooting hybrids with strip-tillage
  5. Goss’s Wilt studies
  6. Hitting the 100-bushel soybean mark with strip-till

    Different hybrids for different strips

    Mike and Ben race to the end of the field to change hybrids

Filling planter boxes for the test plots

Ben and Mike change hybrids at the end of the strip

One thought on “Research Farm test plots 2012

  1. This process was a 7 minute process to vacuum out the 2 hybrids and fill with the next 2 hybrids and have Mark turning wheels and rolling. We planting 16 hybrids in a very short period on 2600+ ft runs. This was a Goss’s Wilt study we are cooperating with Monsanto on. We will keep you informed of the progress.

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