Soybean Trials: Foliar Fertilization

At Orthman Farms, LLC we are reaching for the sky to tap the 100bushels/acre goal.  As we attempt that mark we are applying a package of slow release products with Kugler XRN™, a micronutrient package and humic acid at R3 stage.  We have placed a pre-plant mixture via the Orthman 1tRIPr at two depths; 4 inches and 10 inches deep to put the root system in a nutrient enriched soil environment.  We have taken care of the weeds, prayed for relief from the heat but it is still with us and planted into a continuous corn scenario where last year was 220+ bu/acre yields.

Last year we went from 65-68bu/ac soybeans without the R3-R4 application and with the Kugler products we tapped 85-88bu/acre soybean yields.  Is it possible for growers in Nebraska, in the Platte River Valley to make 100bushel beans – we do think so!  Our agronomic model is a bit different than what is considered norm with high plant populations and a dukes mixture of this and that.  We will report later when the “lie detector” goes through the field this fall.  Keep tuned in!

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