Spring Strip-Till Excites Worms

Finished the strip-till operation couple of weeks before we got the corn and soybeans planted which ended just yesterday (5/21/13). We were smiling real big as we walked behind the 1tRIPr to see the great biological side of this method of preparing a seedbed. As you look in the photo glance at those wonderful tunnelers that were everywhere this year. Large numbers of worms busy chewing and tunneling to get leaves and pieces of corn residue. This was not staged, worms were like this behind 7 out of 8 rows, it was phenomenal folks. To me as a soil scientist and agronomist I am pleased as a kid with a new pair of special Nike shoes.
Between rain showers, couple of farmers nemesis such a wires that ground out and blow fuses in the most remote spots on a tractor, a wiring harnesses smoked, we got the planting accomplished and now corn is emerging in the strip till in 7 days. We at the Orthman Farm placed seed in some nice soil conditions, always in decent moisture with awaiting high quality fertilizer in th root zone placed in two locations below the seed. How can it not grow now?

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