Fall Shows with Orthman Manufacturing – Strip-Till Is a Three Pillared Approach

As an agronomic team we are wanting to share our focus for Strip-Tillage across North America and abroad. Catch up with us at the fall Farm Shows and Demos we are carrying out across the country. Creating the premium seedbed, offering you the grower the highest quality, precise placement of your pre-plant fertilizers and last, the optimum root zone for season long results in the soil. Check us out or call!

Mike Petersen, Agronomist for Orthman has written an article (click here to read) just this month that discusses the real stuff about soil pores in Strip Tillage compared to pores in No-Till that has been studied now for 4 years at the Orthman Research and Demonstration Farm near Lexington, Nebraska.


20 row 36" 1tRIPr strip tillage machine

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