Emergence data – strip till vs no till


From our friends at Horizon Equipment in Western Iowa… an update on their strip till vs no till test plots.



No till - Strip till

No till sprout (left), Strip till sprout (right)

Planted on May 6, Tom and his crew saw an obvious ‘head start’ from the strip till sprout.





And, on May 22, more signs of Advantage: Strip Till.compaction

Dense soil literally prevents the plant from rooting and limits nutrient uptake. You can easily see the difference – the No-Till plot is hard and slows down roots. The Strip-Till plot offers ideal seedbed conditions.

No-tillage Strip-tillage trial

No-till (left) and Strip-till (right) plants, 22 days after planting

And, as you can see, the strip till plant has better development in root structure and plant mass. We’ll continue to update you as the season goes on. Thanks again, Tom!

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