About Orthman

Located in the heart of American agriculture, Orthman Mfg,. Inc. Lexington, Nebraska serves across a broad spectrum of agricultural markets. Founder, Henry Orthman first capitalized on the advancement in tractor design in 1965 by developing innovative attachments to improve major brand name cultivator versatility. Orthman’s innovative products, born as a result of long-term relationships with America’s agricultural producers, still today provide working solutions for the agricultural industry. Orthman Mfg., Inc. continues to foster the strong producer-manufacturer relationship the company was founded on 53 years ago.

Orthman continually believes that in order to design and manufacture industry leading products, quality relationships must be present between the manufacturer, dealers, and end users. Advancing tractor design along with Global Positioning System guidance has continued to allow Orthman to capitalize by producing innovative, well built, specialized products. Orthman’s broad North American OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) clientele utilize Orthman toolbars and guidance components on major manufacturer planters and harvesting equipment. Orthman tillage as well as cultivation, grain handling, active guidance, and earth moving equipment can be found throughout the world ranging from the cotton fields of Uzbekistan, and Australia, the sugar cane fields of Columbia, the road construction in Denmark, corn and vegetable fields of Canada, and of course, all major agricultural markets throughout the United States. Orthman products are designed and manufactured to the pinnacle of structural integrity for which the company is well recognized.

With a fundamental agronomic approach to provide solutions to producer challenges, Orthman is known for the financial benefit provided to the end users through the use of Orthman equipment. “We will continue to provide commitment to our customers, which the Orthman family ideals and traditions instilled decades ago. Orthman persists today as a family owned enterprise. We embrace the enduring challenge of keeping the industry that feeds the world efficient.” -President and Owner John McCoy, Orthman Manufacturing Inc. is a member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA), as well as actively engaged in the future of the Specialty Ag Manufacturing Industry.