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At Orthman Manufacturing we are deliberate about moving agriculture to a new dimension of crop production. We want you using sound methods, advanced technology, better built, durable implements and they are “right-from-the-field” proven.

We see helping growers steer their abilities, resources, dollars, hours of effort and skills in order to pay off in more profitable yields not even imagined by today’s grower or his/her preceding generation.  Let us work together putting to work tillage, cultivation, precision placed nutrients with today’s high quality seeds making the future a reality of sustainable higher production on all acres as joint goals.

Our domestic and international sales team, sales partners, agronomic specialists are available and ready to work with you, to answer questions and offer solutions to get you to your future goals in farming. Do yourself right, call or email us – we want to work for you.

Vice President Sales, Marketing and Agronomy – Justin Troudt 308.325.7852
Lead Agronomist – Michael Petersen 970.302.1442
Territory Sales Managers:
Doug Peterson 308.325.0614
Pat McNaught 308.325.7045
Heath Carlton 308.325.8154
Justin Cross 806.500.0847
Tim East 720.883.3376
Adam Souder 260.228.0589
Gary Mohr, 308.882.0402