Orthman Research Projects

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Spring Strip-Till with Orthman 1tRIPr

Field Demonstrations

  • Proposed Mid-summer field day to review root studies, water use, and precision fertility placement both pre-plant and sidedress.
  • Summer observations of day length corn varieties in strip-till for late fertility right after pollination, affects to dry down and harvest yield comparison.

Partners Involved in OMI Research Projects at Lexington

  1. Kearney Implement John Deere – Kearney, NE.
  2. LandMark Implement John Deere – Lexington, NE.
  3. Dow Chemical Co. – Use of Instinct nitrogen stabilizer
  4. Koch International – Use of Agrotain Plus
  5. Orthman Manufacturing, Inc.
  6. FBSciences – Carbon Boost-S
  7. Agri-Inject, Inc
  8. Kamterter Inc
  9. Bio-Green USA
  10. Kugler Fertilizer Co.

Participating Seed Companies

Dekalb Seeds, Pioneer Seed, Hoegemeyer Seed, and Dow-Mycogen Seeds

some of the On-going research at ORTHMAN RESEARCH Farm – Lexington, NE

  • Replicated Comparison study of Irrigated Strip-Till versus Direct Seeded crops involved: corn, numerous varieties of corn, observations of root development, stalk/node-internode measurements, leaf area index, soil quality studies, and yield.
  • Replicated studies of fertilizer placement with strip-till and ‘In-furrow’ materials and foliar feeding – all corn is strip-tilled.
  • NW-SE direction vs. east-west direction comparison studies in corn, reviewing standibility, leaf and plant size for photosynthesis capacity at this latitude – all strip-tilled.
  • Studying precision location of sidedress fertilization for top results in the strip-till environment.
  • Attempt for high yield soybeans (100bu/ac soybeans) with two hybrids each under fluid fertilizers applied in the spring – strip-tilled.
  • Observing 6 hybrids with four different Seed Companies that may excel with flowering period slow release liquid N products foliar in the Central Platte River Valley – all strip-tilled.

ORTHMAN Research Farm – Location from Lexington

2.75 miles north of HWY 30 on Road 435.

Contact for more information

Justin Troudt 308-325-7045