Orthman Research Projects

The Ohio State University Studies Soil Compaction Issues



Field Demonstrations

  • Study is being accomplished at the West Agricultural Station in Clark County, Ohio and at the Molley Caren Agricultral Center, Madison County; London, Ohio

Partners Involved in OMI Research Projects

  1. Graduate Research Assistant – Trey Colley at Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering (Colley.65@osu.edu)
  2. Associate Professor – Dr. John Fulton at Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering (fulton.20@osu.edu) Lead Scientist of Project

Participating Seed Companies

1.  Becks Hybrids and Pioneer Hybrids


some of the On-going research advancing strip-till technology 

  • Replicated Comparison study of natural rain-fed Strip-Till versus Direct Seeded crops involved: corn and soybeans to evaluate longevity of the positive effects of strip-tillage with use of constant reading cone penetrometer readings.  Measurements of early stand (population, seedling vigor) then taken all the way to yield.
  • Fertilizer placement in the strip zone is another segment of this study with dry fertilizers courtesy of Orthman Mfg. and Salford Mfg. This is compared to a common practiced broadcast fertilizer program. Crop is corn for the 2018 year.

Contact for more information

Justin Troudt 308-325-7852 or Michael Petersen 970-302-1442
or Adam Souder  260.228.0589